Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wedding Visual Minutes

Here are the first Visual Minutes Holly and I have done at a wedding capturing the speeches and taking inspiration from their themes and flowers.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Manchester Day

For this years Manchester Day I was the artist working with the Malayalee group from Kerala, India. I designed and produced a giant Theyyam, a ritual form of worship with a character that walks on, and holds fire. I was also paired with some Carnival Artists- Gringo, Jackson, Alice and Stephanye from Rio, who made the costumes and gold flame like fabrics for the boys walking in front of the Theyyam. They also worked with me finishing off the large Theyyam. Walk the Planks pyro team rigged the gas for the flame held by the Theyyam, and lots of spectacular red smoke during the parade. Other artists that worked on this with me include Julian, Chris, Holly & Rowan.

Act Now

Holly Langley and I did these Visual Minutes at this year's Act Now conference with young people for Cheshire East.

Cultural Citizens Celebration

Holly Langley and I captured this celebration event with young people at FACT in Liverpool.

Physical Fest

Here's more photos of the windows I painted with Holly Langley for 'Physical Fest' at the Unity Theatre.

Physical Fest

I painted these windows with Holly Langley to advertise 'Physical Fest' for the Unity Theatre.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Environment Agency

Working with Gill Smith we spent a day painting images onto the glass flood barriers at Upton-upon-Severn for an Environment Agency flood awareness event.

Student Mental Health

I did these Visual Minutes with Chris Murray about Student Mental Health for Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Radical Rural

I did Visual Minutes at this interesting event about " 'peripheral' geographies of migrant activism" which was a result of Phd students research from Exeter University.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

EU Fallsfest, Amsterdam

Last week I was doing Visual Minutes with Rowan Watts, at an EU Nursing conference 'Fallsfest'. There was a different case study and theme on each of the two days.